RIAmaze generator

RIAmaze, a Flex based version of a maze generator is introduced in this section.

RIAmaze is the Flex version of a maze generator originally written in PHP by unikatissima. Using the capabilites of Flash Player 10 or higher , generated mazes can be saved directly from the Flash Player to the user's harddisk. This reduces server processing load to "zero".

The Flex maze generator has been developed for unikatissima.com, a website showing a compilation of craft tutorials. Visitors of the unikatissima website can use the maze generator to create random patterns for knitting, crochet and much more.

Click the maze below to visit the maze generator at unikatissima.

Direct link to the maze generator at unikatissima

RIAmaze details:


RIAmaze generates random mazes up to: 200 x 895 / 895 x 200 (rectangular) or 445 x 445 (square) (*) with an adjustable path length. Each generated maze is shown as overview and as knitting and so forth pattern. Both can be saved in png format.
Intellectual property: a visual watermark generator is used to autofill each maze, independent of width and height.

(*) The sizes of the mazes are valid for the recommended Flash Player 10. In case the older Flash Player 9 is used, the maximum maze size is limited to 310 x 310 pixel. This is due to bitmap constraints in Flash Player 9.

Further reading: http://www.bit-101.com/blog/?p=1426

Rich Internet aspects of RIAmaze:

  • the generation of mazes takes place on the client side (within the Flash Player) with the following advantages (**):
    • no processing on the server side;
    • the maximum number of simultaneous users is not limited by the server;
    • the processing speed depends on the clients processor;
    • generated mazes can be stored directly from the Flash Player to the harddisk, no download necessary.
  • fast user feedback:
    The maze generator immediately corrects input values that exceed the maximum maze dimensions and gives feedback messages to the user.

(**) valid for the recommended Flash Player 10. In case the older Flash Player 9 is used, generated mazes can only be saved by uploading them to the server first and downloading them as png.

Official Flash Player Version Test: http://www.adobe.com/go/playerversion/

RIAmaze is availabe in an English and in a German version:

English version: http://www.unikatissima.de/e/?page_id=2062
German version: http://www.unikatissima.de/d/?page_id=2654