YouKnits designer - an online designtool for endless knitting patterns

The YouKnits designer has been developed for unikatissima, whose website offers a compilation of craft tutorials and online pattern generators.

The YouKnits designer lets a user create an individual lace knitting design by choosing from over hundred images of knitted units (YouKnits) and arranging them by drag & drop. The finished knitting design can then be downloaded as a pdf file. The generated pdf contains a picture of the design, for large patterns a page reference chart and a list of the individual YouKnits that have been used in the design with hyperlinks to their patterns in the unikatissima online shop at ravelry.

Currently the YouKnits designer comes in two versions: YouKnits designer for the desktop browser and YouKnits designer app for Android.

Further (technical) information can be found in Application details.

The Youknits designer app for Android simulation shows a fully functional simulation of the YouKnits designer app on Android. The free app can be downloaded from the Google play store.