PizzeRIA demo backend2

An orderform application and an evaluation application of an imaginary online pizza service are introduced in this section.

This PizzeRIA demo uses the Zend Framework as backend.
For the Drupal 6 backend see the PizzeRIA demo backend1.

The PizzeRIA orderform:

The PizzeRIA orderform is an interactive form that only requires an internet connection during checkout.

Immediate feedback messages create a rich user experience, resembling the functionality of a desktop application.


(more: Orderform details, Orderform application)


The PizzeRIA evaluation:

The PizzeRIA evaluation generates and displays statistical data and graphics based on the PizzeRIA order history and a selectable time frame. On startup all order data is loaded from the PizzeRIA server, subsequently evalutions can be executed offline.

Evaluations are instantaneous, resembling the speed and user experience of a desktop application.


(more: Evaluation details, Evaluation application)