PizzeRIA AIR demo

An AIR based evaluation application of an imaginary online pizza service is introduced in this section.

AIR, short for Adobe Integrated Runtime, is a cross-platform runtime environment that is rapidly revolutionizing the way that users and developers interact on the web. With AIR it is possible to create desktop applications that communicate directly with an embedded SQLite database, with the computer's filesystem and with the internet.

Starting with AIR 1.5, the AIR database can be encrypted for extra security.

The PizzeRIA AIR demo:

The PizzeRIA AIR demo is similar to the evaluation application of the PizzeRIA demo backend2 but works outside the browser as a standalone desktop application and uses the encrypted AIR database for offline evaluations.

The demo application shows how local order data can be evaluated and how the data can be easily updated with the latest online orders. The screencast below gives an impression of this extra functionallity.

(more: Installation, Application details)

( videoplayer : Apdev AS3 open-source videoplayer )