Rich Internet Applications (RIA) combine the flexibility, responsiveness, and ease of use of desktop applications with the “broad reach” of a website, delivering the best of both worlds.

Display of data instead of pages

RIA architecture breaks the Web page paradigm by using an intelligent client engine that asynchronously fetches and updates data based on user interaction. The client engine also determines how the data will be displayed. This typically reduces the size of the requests back and forth to the server, and often results in reduced server load and better interface responsiveness than traditional page-based Content Management Systems (CMS).

RIAmore: Apache Flex/Adobe Flash/Adobe AIR (*) as client engine on pc or mobile device, PHP on the server side

RIAmore applications combine the rich user interface of the Apache Flex Framework or Feathers UI for the Starling Framework with the power of PHP.

To increase the ease of building robust RIAs the Open Source Zend Framework is deployed on the server side.

Fast gateway between client and server

RIAmore uses the Adobe Messaging Format (AMF) as a fast gateway between client and server.

(*) Apache Flex and Adobe Flash applications require the cross-platform Adobe Flash® Player that is installed on more than 94% of all PCs and laptops across the world. Adobe AIR applications require the cross-platform Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) environment.